Candles are history come alive. Light and scent combine to remind us of a person, a place, a feeling, a memory. Unique to each of us and perfectly our own.

“They are intimate and spiritual. They ignite the senses, call on memory, and say - this made me think of you.”

Life is all about moments. And the people you share them with. Memory is transporting. It is powerful. And it is important. And so, After Six was born.

  • Burn Time

    Each After Six candle has a 70-80 hour burn time. However, as all candles are handcrafted, weight and burn time may vary.

  • Candle Placement

    After Six candles are created using a pillar technique that stops wax drip. However, we still recommend placing your candle in a tray when burning for extra safety.

  • Safety

    Never burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time. Keep away from wind, children, pets and any flammable items.

  • Sunlight

    Keep your candle away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. A candle left directly in the sun may lose its scent and discolour.