Mementos With Meaning

There is a romance to gift-giving. A beauty to showing someone that you thought of them. 

We hope that After Six serves as a reminder that you are - we are - loved. Our candles are a symbol of affection and deep appreciation. They are a gift that need no occasion or reason. They are “just because”.

Our Process

We start by making a pillar candle using a small mould. Once set, the smaller candle is placed into a larger mould and dried botanicals are pressed in between the candle and the mould. Then, a second layer of soy wax is poured in, encasing the small candle and holding the botanicals in place. 

As the outer wax cools, the botanicals remain visible, achieving our unique aesthetic. 

When you burn your After Six candle, it is the inner column of wax that melts. This means the botanicals are at no risk of burning and, once you reach the end of your wick, you have a lovely floral keepsake to decorate your home with.

About the Founder

Life is all about moments. And the people you share them with. 

To After Six founder Dijana Ristevski, this belief is especially important. Following a personal tragedy, Dijana realised that she could only connect with people of the past through memory. 

Memory is transporting. It is powerful. And it is important. And so, After Six was born. 

To Dijana, candles are so much more than a decorative piece. 

“They are intimate and spiritual. They ignite the senses, call on memory, and say “this made me think of you.”. “

After Six was designed to be gifted; a range of bespoke candles worthy of the people you care for the most. 

It is Dijana’s hope that you find love in these candles, just as she does. And that the memories you find in their light are joyful.

Deliberate Details

After Six candles are created using a unique double-pour botanical method, resulting in an equally unique design. As each candle is hand-poured, no one is like the one before it. 

Every detail has been carefully considered and deliberately chosen to create a product that is worthy of the people you care for the most.